Peregrine Consulting has an established record of success in delivering solid design solutions in the aerospace industry.

Working with industry leading OEMs to support best in class design solutions, Peregrine Consulting has consistently outperformed competitors exceeding customer requirements for quality results and data while meeting stringent scheduling challenges.

Peregrine Consulting applies skilled engineering resources to bring state of the art design and analysis to address complex engineering challenges.

Peregrine Consulting is a world-class provider of consulting services for:
  • Turbine Engine Design
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Design
  • Engine Systems Integration Oversight
  • Turbine Stress and Life Analysis Services
  • Consulting Services

Peregrine Consulting design innovations are driven from a methodology that iteratively drives toward a best possible solution.

Our aero engineers team with our software engineers to deliver process refinements and automation where practical for iteration and refinement of the design.

This combination of knowledge and skillsets is the critical success factor which has allowed us to excel as a world-class consulting entity in the aerospace industry and in anywhere iterative design and analysis is needed to achieve peak performance.

Since 1996, Peregrine Consulting has a consistent record of applying expert knowledge, proven methodolgies, and high-performance technologies to achieve results.

Because of this, we have a repeat customer base who know they can call on us for project support.

Our experienced engineers have established relationships with OEM turbine manufacturers, exotic aero materials casting and machining providers which allow us to assist in driving design through assembly and test to support your business. We have a proven track record to meet and exceed your requirements to support or augment your project team.

Peregrine Consulting offers consulting services to OEM aircraft and turbine manufacturers combining the skills of talented engineers, designers, industry leaders, and project managers.

It has always been our goal to apply the right resources to deliver services which meet and exceed customer expections by working within budget and timelines to provide quality design and analysis services.

From engineering and design, documentation, procurement management and assembly - the complete product lifecycle, Peregrine Consulting delivers.