• Analysis and Design: Korean Helicopter Program - GEAE T700/701K

  • Analysis and Design of many turbine components and gear analysis for life limiting components of the KHP T700/701K turbine. FEA and iterative analysis leading to system improvements.

  • Analysis Design: OEM Turbine Brayton Cycle Ground Power

    Description of analysis and design effort for OEM Power Turbine manufacturer.

  • Analysis and Design: GEAE CF34-8C Turbofan Turbine Rotor Disks, Cooling Plates and Fasteners

    Designed a slave exhaust system to be used in an aeromechanics survey test of a turbine gas generator core for a major turbine OEM. The system comprises state-of-the-art monocrystal high temperature vane alloys and aerospace alloy machined castings and fabrications. Peregrine also managed the procurement and assembly of the dedicated test system.

  • Analysis and Design: GEAE CF34-8C Turbofan HP Turbine
    Designed High Pressure Turbine rotor disks, cooling plates and fasteners for GE Aircraft Engines CF34-8C turbofan engine. Iterated design using ANSYS FEA resulting in a significant life improvement to the rotor life-limiting components

  • Life Certification Analysis: GEAE CT7-8 Turboshaft Compressor Rotor

    Completed the mission transient finite element stress analysis of GE Aircraft Engines’ CT7-8 Turboshaft Compressor rotor for FAA bulletin life certification.

  • Analysis and Design: GEAE CF34-8C Turbofan Shaft

    Analyzed and rapidly iterated design of the High Pressure Turbine Shaft for GE Aircraft Engines’ CF34-8C Turbofan engine.

  • Fatigue Life Analysis: F414 High Pressure Turbine Rotor

    Performed Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of bolted joint, conducting low cycle fatigue life analysis of GE Aircraft Engines’ F414 High Pressure Turbine Rotor. This engine powers the Navy’s SuperHornet F-18 E/F.

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  • Sofware Development: TFLAMES

  • Developed for the U S Air Force under the Engine Rotor Life Enhancement Program (ERLE) as an SBIR effort, Peregrine Consulting designed and delivered two phases of automated life cycle analysis software.

    This software program is known as Turbine Field Life Analysis Multi-physics Engine Simulation (TFLAMES). for the US Air. It is a physics-based, non-linear tool employing a 3D finite element core that is specifically designed to calculate the stresses and lives of critical rotating parts in turbine engines, especially for as-flown mission conditions.

    Follow these links for more information about TFLAMES:
  • Design and analysis: Gun Launched Observation Vehicle

  • Developed for the U.S. Navy. The design includes deployable fins and wings as well as folding pusher prop blades powered by a gun hardened wankel motor. Extensive 3D finite element analysis was required for modal and stress analysis of the system at launch where accelerations reached 15,000 G's.

  • Design, Analysis and Prototype: Rotary Wing Submunition Device

    Developed for the U.S. Army to autonomously seek and destroy enemy armored vehicles. The device is an auto-gyrating helicopter with cyclic control for maneuvering controlled by an onboard computer and target sensors.

  • Analysis and Design: Bose CD Wave Radio

    Teamed with Bose mechanical engineering staff to develop the new CD Wave Radio. Performed extensive modeling, prototyping and finite element analysis of CD door actuator mechanisms. Accomplished a complete design and modeling of injected molded plastic parts, and the design and routing of wire harnesses and integration with standard electronic components

  • Design and Analysis: Tokyo Electron Vacuum Transfer Chamber

    Conducted nonlinear finite element analyses of a cast aluminum vacuum transfer chamber for Tokyo Electron. Conducted several design iterations of the chamber for significant improvements in deflection under vacuum. Correlation to test data proved design changes to be exceptional.

  • FEA Analysis: Axya Medical Ultrasonic Weld of Polypropylene Monofilament Suture

    Conducted plastic strain finite element analysis of an ultrasonically welded polypropylene monofilament for Axya Medical as part of a novel application of ultrasonic welding to suture technology.

  • Design and Analysis: Flight Sim Motion Base

  • Designed a flight simulator motion base for Instron Corp. to be used for consumer entertainment. Finite element analysis of the welded structure was employed throughout to ensure adequate safety factors and minimize weight. Our work reduced part count by about 50% and as a result reduced product cost. The use of FEA allowed rapid design iteration and optimization of the hydraulically actuated system.

  • FEA: Backplane Linkage

  • Conducted finite element analysis of a 4 bar linkage for backplane card insertion in a high speed switcher assembly for Excel Corporation.

  • Design: Semiconductor Wafer Handling Components

  • Enhanced designed of Z-drive cast aluminum components for cost-reduction of Brooks Automation wafer handling equipment used in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

  • Design: Ford Motor Company Test Bed

  • Complete design of palletized test beds for numerous Ford Motor Company automotive gear sets as part of a design team. Pallets are used in a large-scale Ford test installation as part of their automotive life component testing. • Designed a high temperature extensometer support for Instron Corp. to be used in a vacuum furnace chamber with electron beam scanning